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ABC Action News


Dear clients,

With the worries of the holiday season, I want to make sure to take one worry off your plate.  I’m sure many of you have seen the ABC Action News report recently where a Tampa pet sitting agency's owner was caught on camera. The client said she was not even letting the dogs out when she was going to the house.

ABC did not name the agency.  I want to make sure that all my clients know this was not 1st Professional Pet Sitters.

I have always told my staff that cameras are our friend as long as we are doing things correctly.  “Don’t ever think you will get away with anything.  Someone somewhere will see it.”

This breaks my heart and put such a black eye on our industry.

I cannot even conceive of this happening.

I hope this helps you to travel with a calm heart knowing we will care for your angels in a professional loving matter.

Terri Rock

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